Keynote Speakers

Layton Chaney headshot

Customer Experience Leader & Pioneer

Layton Chaney

Unveiling the Future of Education: Embracing Digital Learning and AI

Attendees will be immersed in the transformative potential of technology in education. The address will shed light on the profound impact of digital learning and artificial intelligence, guiding the audience through the untapped capabilities of AI-driven tools and reassuring educators that this evolution is an exciting opportunity to amplify their impact and efficiently manage their time. The keynote seamlessly weaves theoretical insights with practical examples, inspiring a collaborative vision of a future where teachers and AI harmonize to nurture the next generation of learners. Witness the power of technology to transcend boundaries, adapt to individual learning patterns, and empower educators in fostering critical thinking, ultimately revolutionizing the educational landscape.

Layton Chaney is a thought leader and pioneer in the customer experience space. For over two decades, they have successfully grown and scaled companies while ensuring customers stay at the heart of the business and the focus of every step of the Customer Journey. As the founder and Chief Experience Officer of their consulting firm, BetterGrowth, they have coached start-up founders, Fortune 50-500 companies, and C-level executives on how to leverage the voice of the customer to increase their brand awareness and ROI.

They are also a fierce advocate for diversity in tech and have helped companies build their diversity, equity, and inclusion framework, recruiting practices, and training programs for underrepresented populations, especially within the intersections of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Dr. Shaun Woodly headshot

Speaker, Author & Consultant

Shaun Woodly, Ph.D.

Ignite and Inspire: A Future-Ready Formula for Inspired Education

Get ready for a high-octane and engaging keynote designed to awaken and revitalize your spirit as an educator. In this transformational session we explore strategies to overcome burnout, reignite your passion, and breathe new life into your practice as an educator. Learn how to harness the power of connection, creativity, and resilience, empowering you to make a lasting impact on your students' lives. Get equipped with the essential ingredients to create an invigorating educational experience, both for you and your students. Join us on this energizing journey as we celebrate the extraordinary role you play in shaping the future, one student at a time.

A graduate of Hampton University, Dr. Shaun Woodly obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 2004, Master’s degree in 2005, followed by his Ph.D. is 2014. Dr. Woodly has dedicated his professional career to education. He is a decorated K-12 teacher, University professor and author whose deep passion and research have allowed him great success as an educator and entrepreneur.

Dr. Woodly has received multiple honors including being named teacher of the year, receiving a district inspiration award, and several commendations of distinction for outstanding teaching and leadership. He has written the best-selling book “MC Means Move the Class: How to Spark Engagement and Motivation in Urban and Culturally Diverse Classrooms” and is the architect behind the educator movement "Teach Hustle Inspire".

His philosophy of education subscribes to a collaborative style that harnesses the power of others and promotes a sense of teamwork and community, all with the aim of preparing students to become effective, contributing members of society.

In both education and life, Dr. Woodly believes in having fun! He educates with love, enthusiasm, motivation and hustle!

Tim Mousel photo

Educator & Keynote Speaker

Tim Mousel

Build Your Own AI Assistant: Create Customized Chatbots to Increase Student Engagement (in person conference only)

In this hands-on workshop, you will receive step-by-step guidance on building an AI-powered chatbot tailored to your specific needs. Walk through on how to build a chatbot that interacts with your own documents. Attendees replicate the process with free access to this cutting-edge generative AI tool. Depart empowered to construct responsive chatbots supporting personalized help for assignments, policies, student tutoring, and syllabi. Bring laptops and a digital document you'd like to interact with to actively participate in building your personalized virtual assistant!

An award-winning educator and respected keynote speaker, Tim Mousel is recognized for his pioneering work at the intersection of artificial intelligence and education.

Tim's passion for programming began in the late 1990s. Before ChatGPT's creation, he had already developed two commercial educational AI tools.

Honored with the 2022 Lone Star College-Online Faculty Excellence Award and 2023 NISOD Excellence Award, Tim is a full-time faculty member in LSC-Online's Kinesiology department.