Thank You for Partnering withTxDLA!

Please help us spread our message with the six easy steps listed below.

1. Promote the conference via social media.

Let your customers, friends, and colleagues know that you're attending this event on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter! Don't forget to invite your friends to like and follow the TxDLA Facebook page.

Suggested Facebook Post: I'm ecstatic to join TxDLA as an exhibitor at the 2024 TxDLA Conference, March 25-26 in Galveston and April 16-17 Virtually, and have the opportunity to network with others in the field of digital, online and hybrid learning, and new technologies. Don't miss out!

2. Add "flair" to your websites, blogs and e-mail signatures using the logos below.

Use on blogs, websites and email signatures to promote your participation. To use, just right-click with your mouse, copy and paste into your website or email. Be sure to include a link to the conference website:

2024 TxDLA Conference - Game On! logo with chess piece inside computer


3. Send a message to your clients ,friends and colleagues via email.

Use the sample message below to forward to your clients and colleagues, or inspire yourself from the text.

"Attend a great virtual conference devoted to innovation in the field of digital learning. We will be participating as an exhibitor! This event includes a multitude of sessions on teaching strategies, new technologies, program management issues, accessibility, student engagement, and more. It also provides professional development opportunities to strengthen and enhance your leadership role--it's great! To register simply follow this link I hope to see you there!"

Does your customer need more convincing? Don't worry, share our "Talking Points" to help them gain approval to attend.

4. Encourage your clients and colleagues to participate!

As a corporate/business representative, there are several opportunities for participation in our conference as an exhibitor or sponsor. Please see our website for more information on exhibitor and sponsorship packages. Do you collaborate services and products or work closely with another company that may benefit from participating at TxDLA? Encourage them to see our website for more information on exhibitor and sponsorship packages or registration.