K12 Workshop: Engagement

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Calling all K12 teachers, facilitators, librarians, administrators, as well as anyone working in education!

We invite you to join TxDLA at Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston, Texas on Monday March 20th for a special K12 preconference workshop on Digital Storytelling as you kick off your 2023 TxDLA learning adventure. Workshop registration is free for anyone in the K12 sector as a stand-alone event, or for paid TxDLA Conference attendees.

SESSION 2: Explorations in Digital Storytelling
Hands-on K12 workshop on digital storytelling

Date: Monday March 20th
Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

CPE Credits: 3.0

A life well lived is a life full of stories. Everyone has a story to tell and this is your chance to create your story. This hands-on workshop will allow you to explore the power of capturing and sharing a personal narrative through various approaches using different forms of technology. You will have the opportunity to learn various techniques for capturing and telling stories, a brief understanding of storytelling, and a chance to create and share one of your own stories.

This session is for all K-12 teachers from any discipline, librarians, and administrators. During our time together, we will introduce you to a rapid development model that follows elements of the ADDIE model and story design processes. You will be introduced to multiple tools and processes you and your students may use to capture and tell your own stories.

The goal is that everyone leaves the session having captured and produced a short story of their own that may be used as an example when you bring the power of story back to your campus. In addition, you will have access to many resources that you can use with your students and faculty as you help them bring their own stories to life.

What to prepare and bring:

  • Think about the story you might like to tell in a 2 to 3 minute multimedia presentation. Below are several prompts that work well for helping you prepare for our time together. Explore these options and select one to use for this adventure.
  • You will want to think about the types of images, books, and artifacts you might have at home that you would want to use to help tell your story. You may bring those with you or take video and pictures of these items so that you will have them available for the workshop.
  • Laptop
  • Phone or iPad (optional)

Story Prompts

  • Option 1: World Event of Personal Significance
    We all have moments in world history that we will not forget. Some of these events touch us personally while others are burned into our memory because of the affective nature of the event. From 9/11 to the Challenger explosion, to the assassination of JFK, world events have an impact. Tell the story of a world event and connect it to your own personal significance.
  • Option 2: Capture, Analyze, and Retell Current Global Event
    The world is full of events. The news cycle is constantly rolling. Using social media and other sources to capture primary content as a global event is unfolding. Organize the clips and analyze their meaning in the context of the region, culture and your understanding of the events. Retell the story.
  • Option 3: What is in a Name?
    Everyone has one. What is the meaning of yours? How is it connected to your family history? What was the inspiration for your name? How does your name make you feel? How does your name connect with your identity?
  • Option 4: Bringing a Book to Life
    What is your favorite children’s book? What are your memories about the book, those who would read it to you and about the story? Connect the story to your life as you share a reading of your favorite book with others.
  • Option 5: Brief Biography of a Historical Hero
    Everyone has a hero. Who is your historical hero? This is a chance to bring your hero to life for others so they better understand the historical figure and their connection to you. Make it personal.
  • Option 6: Personal Choice
    If none of the choices above float your boat, feel free to propose your own story topic.

Ready to Sign Up for the Workshop?

Workshop registration is free for anyone in the K12 sector as a stand-alone event, or for paid TxDLA Conference attendees.

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