Share Your Virtual Learning Success Stories (Student Stories) with TxDLA!

And, Please SHARE this with your friends, colleagues and family members as well (they do not have to be TxDLA members) as we want to highlight a variety of students and instructors.

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TxDLA is excited to be featuring a series of success stories, “Voices of Digital Learning? This is How We Do It!”, at their upcoming Virtual Conference, April 21-23, as well as written stories in our regular newsletter and on social media.

We’ve all heard the overwhelming challenges and the frustrations of learning, teaching and working in a remote or hybrid environment this past year. But what we need and want to hear are STORIES OF SUCCESS from the perspective of STUDENTS or employees, teachers or trainers, and administrators. We really want these stories to be told from the perspective of INDIVIDUALS - students, instructors or administrators. Some of the questions to get you brainstorming and that we want to hear about include:
  • What did the teacher/instructor do to engage students?
  • How did you overcome technology or funding limitations?
  • How did you manage an ever-changing schedule?
  • What surprised or excited you about how your teacher/instructor made learning fun?
  • How did you create a culture in your class or work environment for everyone to feel comfortable and confident to continue to work or learn remotely?
  • What positives did you see come from the ability for people to work or learn remotely?
  • What exciting advantage or story happened during this time with regard to working or learning remotely?
  • What do you hope changes moving forward with the work or learning environment based on the experience from this last year?
We invite you to share detailed stories (from your perspective, or from someone you know well) to help inspire and encourage others during this time, particularly stories about individual instructors and students. From the submissions, TxDLA will select several stories to be featured on video and/or live at our Virtual Conference (participants will not have to register for the conference to participate on the panel). On the form, you will be able to select whether you or the story’s “stars” would like to be featured at the conference (either in a pre-recorded video or audio format or as a live panel participant) or if you would like to only share your story in writing or on social media.

All submissions will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $50 Amazon giftcard. Those chosen to participate as live panelists at the conference will receive a special gift of appreciation.

Deadline for submission is February 28, 2021.

Please complete the form to submit your story.